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Build Your Online Brand and be Rewarded

Online Branding,Build your online brand in 2015

As 2015 rolls into full swing, you are probably contemplating ways to grow your business in the coming year? You may be mindful of the importance of building a strong and uniquely identifiable online brand.  But what are the best ways to go about doing that in 2015?

Here are four of the best methods you should be using to increase your brand awareness in 2015

  1. Fully Embrace Mobile


By 2016 it is estimated that 90% of local advertising will be served on mobile devices.

Mobile marketing is no longer an optional practice for your business. It must be an essential part of your strategy to build an online brand in 2015. Today, more than 90% of American adults regularly use their smartphones to use the internet.  If your website is not responsive on mobile devices, most prospects visiting your website on mobile will quickly go elsewhere, taking their brand loyalty with them.

In a report by Google into mobile users they found that 50% of respondents said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Test the mobile friendliness of your site here

Explode your brand reach with a mobile app

A mobile app is one of the best investments any business could make to build their online brand. Your average smartphone user has as many as 29 apps installed on their mobile device at any one time.  Each of these apps is carried around in their pocket day and night. Apps serve as a reminder of a business’s brand. Keep in mind, 91% of local small businesses don’t have an app. Making the investment now will give you an important marketing space that you’ll have virtually to yourself. Unlike a mobile friendly site, an app is constantly marketed to your customers each time they turn on their device.  They don’t have to search your business. Your business is already there. This fact alone makes apps one of the most valuable investments you could make in 2015.

Is it worth the investment to have your brand in your customers’ pocket? Despite what many think, mobile apps don’t have to be a huge investment. To see more about apps, their cost and benefit visit http://elvinmobilemarketing.com.

  1. Connect with your customers


Building a connection with your customers is essential to the longevity of any brand. Customers who have a connection to a brand are 33% less sensitive to price, 300% more likely to recommend your business and 44% less likely to shop around. Making a connection has never been simpler. It has become the “norm” for brands to develop relationships with their customers via social media.  This is especially true on the likes of Facebook, where hundreds of millions now follow many of  their favorite brands.

Consumers like to engage with brands via social media

In fact statistics show that average users of the visual social network Pinterest use the site to keep up to date with the latest products and trends from the brands they follow. Instead of simply promoting “to” your fans, engage them in a two-way discussion. Include them in the decision process. Make them feel valued and that their opinion counts. Businesses who report the best results from social marketing are the ones who engage and connect with their audience.  Repeat customers are the lifeblood of most successful businesses. Focus on nurturing your customers through social media and you will find long-term success for your brand.

  1. Create quality/interesting content


When used effectively content marketing is one of the most effective methods to boosting your online brand.   It’s the number one choice for SEO’s to increase their websites search ranking and lends itself to any business.  Creating regular online content not only helps to increase your Google ranking but provides a platform to reinforce your core brand message, showcase your business personality and increase your business authority. You should focus on Creating valuable content that instills brand trust and encourages your customers to keep coming back.

Start implementing these tactics and you could find your brand cutting above the rest this year.

  1. Choose the right social platform for your brand


With new social networks appearing all the time it can be a daunting task deciding which social platform is the best for your business. Some perform better for younger audiences, others perform better for  a B2B audience.  Choose the right social platform that matches your brand audience and purpose for best results:

Social sites and their primary audience:

  • Facebook: For connecting with most customer types, primarily B2C
  • Twitter: For Drumming up quick attention and possibly creating a viral effect
  • LinkedIn: For B2B
  • Pinterest: For Females /Moms
  • Instagram: For Young people aged 16-24


Build Your Online Brand and be Rewarded
Article Name
Build Your Online Brand and be Rewarded
Having an online brand will pay off mightily for local small businesses that present a clear message in 2015. Here is what you should do now. Being mobile ready is vital. Engage the audience. Read more.

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