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Elvinwebmarketing | Online Marketing | Do You Have a Post-COVID-19 SEO and Content Strategy in Place?

Do You Have a Post-COVID-19 SEO and Content Strategy in Place?


The sudden spread of the novel coronavirus has affected almost every business. While some are seeing a spike in sales most others are having to deal with a decline. Sooner or later, we will get on with our lives. We will become immune to COVID-19, either through having developed antibodies to the virus or through vaccination. When that happens, life and business will begin a return to normal. What type of SEO strategy do you need to adopt now to prosper in the post-COVID-19 world?

Preparing for a post-COVID -19 world

Eventually, the health crisis will dissipate. When it does businesses that prepare now to hit the ground running will be in a position dominate their rivals. Some businesses are already preparing for a new normal. Some are converting, or extending their brick and mortar store to an ecommerce platform. Already, ecommerce stores have seen a huge uptick in business.

So, what are you doing to carve your share from post-COVID-19 ecommerce pie? If you don’t have a plan, then here are the steps you can take to rank high on the SERPs. The advice will help give your readers the information, products, and services that they seek.

Steps for success in a post-COVID-19 world

  1. It’s a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has made SEO and smart digital marketing even more important for small businesses. Through SEO and content marketing, local businesses can achieve multiple business objectives, including increasing sales and brand awareness. The efforts should all be tied to the effect the virus has had on the local business environment for online and offline businesses.
  2. SEO-optimized content is the most important step for businesses to reassure customers that their brick and mortar stores are following the necessary safety procedures. Content should state that they’re making doorstep deliveries, again ensuring safety through hygiene, sanitization, and social distancing. A step that you should do now, and many businesses haven’t, is add a search engine optimized page elaborating the COVID safety rules implemented by your business. Place a relevant banner and link on your homepage.
  3. Choose the right keywords to create content that send a message that will give consumers the confidence to do business with you. It could be about an expanded line of products that includes sanitary and hygiene products, a buy online and pick-up in store option, etc.
  4. Right now, and post-COVID-19, social media takes the key position as the most valuable platform for communicating with a local audience. But you need to have a content strategy in place for the post-COVID scenario. You can tell your customers about the products you’re selling, extend discounts and offers or simply answer their questions. The idea is to keep your business in front of mind by keeping eyeballs on your business or ecommerce site.
  5. Optimize your site to rank for voice search. Even in the post-COVID 19 marketing scenario, the situation may continue to evolve. There will be opportunities with keywords and long-tail keywords. Use these opportunities to score high on voice search on Google, Amazon, and similar platforms.

A final word

Content and SEO-based marketing strategies take time to yield results. It is best to draw up a plan now and begin addressing your audiences. Competitors who have ignored their SEO and content marketing efforts have left the field open for you. Capture that space through astute marketing. Keyword-optimized PPC ads are another opportunity for precisely communication. These deliver immediate results.


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