How SEO-Friendly is Your Social Media Outreach?

Social Media Outreach SEO

Social media can help with SEO Social media influences SEO. Your business can generate more organic traffic if you put in some effort to tweak your social media content so that it is SEO friendly. While Google does not officially consider social signals as a ranking factor, research, both detailed and cursory, shows a clear co-relation between the number of shares on social media and higher rank for a post. Having an SEO weighted social media outreach program in place can have a positive effect Read more […] […]

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Internal Linking – A Solid SEO Tactic that Works!

internal linking

Internal linking is a quick and easy way to improve your website’s ranking In the total SEO (search engine optimization) scheme of things, internal linking is one of the easiest strategies to implement. Internal linking can lead to higher placement on the search pages (SERPS) and consequently more traffic. It’s not a technical thing you need qualifications to do. All you need is to exercise some basic common sense. Then watch Google respond favorably to your efforts. What is internal linking? Internal Read more […] […]

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Gaining Google’s Trust is the Best Local SEO Strategy

Google's trust

Without Google’s trust, your best local SEO efforts are for naught. A guy comes to your house, says he can add a room, fix your roof, and install new windows. He gives you an estimate that seems good, very good. Almost too good. In fact you start to wonder if you can trust him. Google wonders if it can trust you and your company. Gaining Google’s trust is the most important factor the best step for dominance local SEO. On August 1 2018 Google released an update that created the anagram E.A.T. Read more […] […]

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GMB Spam and Local Business. Fight Back!

Local Spam

GMB spam is on the increase but Google needs your help to combat it. Don’t you hate it? You work your tail off making sure that your company is in the Google 3-pack for your location and your go-to key phrases. Then one day a company you know to be despicable and dishonest shows up in the 3-pack, knocking you down a position or two. A short time later a brand-new business in the neighborhood shows up in the 3-pack and you’re out of it entirely. “How can that happen?” you wonder. Looking Read more […] […]

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SEO for a Local Target Audience

SEO for a target audience

Pursuing a local target audience will get you the business you want with the lowest investment of time or money A local SEO strategy, by default, focuses on a target audience. The audience may or may not be bound by geography. In any cases, your search engine optimization efforts should be directed at reaching out to the audience that matters most to you. The audience can be customers buying your product or service or reading your blog or online publication. SEO efforts should be directed at getting Read more […] […]

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A Well Rounded SEO Strategy Will Bring Lasting Results

SEO Strategy

What can a well-rounded SEO strategy do for you? A diversified SEO strategy will prevent your online rankings from taking a fall because of an unfavorable search engine algorithm update. It also enables more scope for organic traffic from different sources.  SEO is not stagnant. It evolves. When it does, you must be ready to hit the ground running, and you’re better placed to do so if you already have a foundation of different SEO techniques that you’ve already implemented. It’s also Read more […] […]

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Red Flags Pointing to Black Hat SEO

black hat seo

The penalties for black hat SEO far exceed any short-term gains. You’re probably asking, “What is black hat SEO”? Black hat SEO is a set of practices that increases a website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. It’s done in such a way that violate the search engines rules and best practices.  Whether you hire an SEO firm or take care of SEO yourself, you need to ensure that you stay away from actions that Google may construe as going against their search engine guidelines. Read more […] […]

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How Your Local Business Lands in Google’s Map Box

Google Map Box

With mobile search and voice search, landing in the map box is imperative for a local business. To be seen by prospects on the internet, local businesses need to embrace local SEO. Even if you can’t compete with the big brands and their huge marketing budgets, you can use local SEO to level the playing field and drive customers to your bricks and mortar location, or contacting you via email or phone. Success in local SEO means showing up in the map box for your primary product or service. Local Read more […] […]

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What E-Commerce Platform Should A Local Business Use In 2020?

e-commerce platform

Choosing the right e-commerce platform can make the difference between success and failure for a local small business. The story is common. A local business has great success and wants to expand the business. They decide the best way to expand is to open an online store. They may be right. Selling online has been a boon to many local businesses. To get started an e-commerce platform to put the store on is the first decision a store owner has to make. An e-commerce platform allows you to run an Read more […] […]

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Google Ends Radius Service Area in GMB

GMB service radius

Service radius is out, listing individual locations is in. Google has finally pulled the plug on the service based business radius in GMB (Google my Business).  This began earlier in the year, but the company has finished the job this month, removing  the old feature from the final accounts.   What has changed If you set your service area as a radius before, your new default will be the nearest town to your business.  Just one town, not all the towns that filled up that Read more […] […]

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